So, NPR said, “Talk to us.”

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Yesterday morning I woke up and had an email from WABE 90.1 FM Atlanta which is the National Public Radio affiliate for the Atlanta area.

They wanted to ask some questions about why the  Athens PopFest was canceled this year and what the plans for the future were. So I called them and told them and then it wound up on the 4:00 PM news.  My clip is less than a minute long but here’s how the news was broken down, item by item, on WABE’s website:

  • Georgia public Defenders standards council fights attempts to be divested of its power officials
  • Emory University planning lay-offs due to the downturn of the economy
  • Many Georgia banks still wait for money from first bailout plan
  • A major Athens music festival decides to shut down
  • State senate passes bill for Georgia Power to start charging customers in advance for two new nuclear reactors

Pretty cool for them to refer to it as major.  That felt nice. Actually, pretty cool for them to mention it at all.

Click the link to hear me sounding gravelly and early morning in between bits of pristine, crystal clear NPR-ism.

WABE Newscast (11 February 2009 4pm) (2009-02-11).

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2 Responses to So, NPR said, “Talk to us.”

  1. -------- says:

    I’d say “major” is an appropriate description, at least when compared to Athens’ other music festivals and events. I’d say second-biggest, no? Behind AthFest.

  2. Lucas Jensen says:

    Yeah, don’t sell yourself short. It was pretty major!

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