Besides, Man, Who The Hell Cares?

It today’s world of instantaneous hyperconnectivity it’s hard to believe that at one time the punk rock cultural credential standards committee actually took into account whether or not one had witnessed the following. But, it’s true. All true.

From 1982:

From 1984:

From  1981:

From 1984:

From 1984:

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3 Responses to Besides, Man, Who The Hell Cares?

  1. KarateMedia says:

    You forgot the Chips punk rock episode:

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    No I didn’t. I just wasn’t going to post EVERYTHING here. That’d be too obnoxious even for me.

  3. Wyatt says:

    I remember seeing Another State of Mind on late night tv around 1987 and being really inspired by it. A goth girl in my neighborhood had the Posh Boy Records’ Posh Hits compilation with all the trashy early ’80s LA punk stuff on it – The Nuns, Social D. and Redd Kross etc. We wore that tape out. Being young was a blast.

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