dukes_85psyche_mediumAfter sorting through mountains of trash I dug up some gems for y’all. A couple of tracks from the Dukes Of Stratosphear re-release (out April 21), a new track by Danger Mouse & Helena Costas (performing under the name Joker’s Daughter), a gorgeous new track from Mono (who won’t make it to Georgia on tour this time) from the new album Hymn To The Immortal Wind, and a track by New York’s Twin Sister who I’m just starting to get into.

So get to taking them before they’re gone.

Oh, yeah, I scored U2 tickets yesterday for the Atlanta show in October. Still my favorite band of all time.

MP3: Joker’s Daughter-Bouncing Liquorish Bears

MP3: Twin Sister-Ginger

MP3: Dukes Of Stratosphear-Braniac’s Daughter

MP3: Dukes Of Stratosphear-My Love Explodes

MP3: Mono-Follow The Map

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