Connect the Dots (Free Wilco Tickets)Update: Winner Announced

wilco_skybluesky_loYeah, I know. Go figure, right? But it’s true. I’ve got a pair of Wilco tickets for the upcoming show at Athens’ Classic Center on Monday, April 20. You gotta work for them, though.

Rules: Answer all questions,first person to correctly answer all of them gets them. What I’m gonna do when you win is send your info to Wilco’s management people so if any specific ticket issues arise you’ll contact them, not me.

Send your answers to

I’ll announce a winner this weekend.

WINNER: Kevin Lane with three out of four correct.

Runners up: Some guy who emailed but didn’t give his name: 3/4

Dan Matthews 2/4

Jayne Clamp 2/4

OK, go:

1) What do Wilco and C.W.McCall have in common?

Answer: C. W. McCall is best known for his song “Convoy” which is about trucker/CB-radio culture. Wilco is CB-speak for “I Will Comply”.

2) What commonality does Wilco have with 1980’s political organization Red Wedge?

Answer: Red Wedge was formed by Billy Bragg who collaborated with Wilco on Mermaid Avenue.

3)What is the thread that connects Wilco to Elvis Presley?

Answer: Wilco was one band to come out of Uncle Tupelo. Elvis was born in Tupelo.

4)What does Wilco founder Jeff Tweedy have in common with Quentin Crisp?

Answer: Jeff Tweedy did the soundtrack for Chelsea Walls. Quentin Crisp was a resident of the Chelsea Hotel which Chelsea Walls was written about.

Comments now open again.

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2 Responses to Connect the Dots (Free Wilco Tickets)Update: Winner Announced

  1. Kevin Lane says:

    Thanks Gordon, tough questions!

  2. JC says:

    Grrr. I’m kicking myself over 1, but 4 was a tough one.

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