The thing is, I know I’ll wind up seeing this. I know it. All signs point to it being another ridiculously depth-less “indie” film of the type that has really made some mega bucks in the first decade of the 21st century. (Think the God awful Garden State, the hurl-worthy Juno, et al.) I knew I was gonna hate this as soon as I saw the part of the trailer where co-writer and star Charlyne Yi says to Michael Cera , “I don’t trust you.” That’s when I knew this whole thing was bullshit. Who wouldn’t trust Michael Cera? Further, what 20-something, indie girl wouldn’t trust him? He’s a twee dreamboat with a solid bank account and, in any case, you could take him down with a sneeze.

Oh, yeah, and the whole thing is made up, too. Like Spinal Tap for the knee sock set.

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1 Response to Barfland

  1. upstairs says:

    Is this not the plot of half the romantic comedies already in existence?

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