This Is What “Freegan” Really Means

Fact: the new EP from Dark Meat has the worst cover art of any record ever released by anyone from Athens ever. Now that’s saying something.

Click here to see. (NSFW; unless, of course, you work someplace really, really dirty. Then, by all means, go ahead.)

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3 Responses to This Is What “Freegan” Really Means

  1. John B says:

    Gordon, I was perusing your twitter feed on the right and found myself watching the video of the Fallis poem. I missed lots of that stuff even when I lived here!

    Also, I kept wanting him to project into the future: “You missed the Martian landing when the aliens blew up the double barreled cannon, you missed the year we finally got jet packs and drank PBR in the stratosphere.” But maybe that’s more of a Patrick Dean kinda thing…

    Oh, and that Dark Meat cover is horrible. Did it take as many people to create that as it does to produce their skronky jams?

  2. justin says:

    yeah, they’re just tired. 3 years, one EP. hard work, man!

    perhaps they took inspiration for the cover from the Flagpole web site… when are they going to fix that shit, Gordon?

  3. Gordon Lamb says:

    I dunno. Ask Ian. He’s the webmaster.

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