Athens Christmas Parade Tonight

Bar none, the Athens Christmas Parade is my favorite civic event of the year.

What I wrote last year regarding the parade says it the best so I’m going to quote myself:

Today is particularly important because my favorite Athens event of the year is happening tonight: The Annual Athens Christmas Parade! (OK, yeah, the city gov. calls it the “parade of lights” but no one else does.) If you live in town and have seen it then you know why I love it. if you’ve never seen it and you’re in Athens, or close enough to get here, please come and see our town do it up right.  High School marching bands, rescued dogs, a garbage truck, church/civic floats and more. The parade starts at 7 PM and culminates with the lighting of the Athens Christmas Tree in front of City Hall.

It begins at 7 p.m. again this year and the route is below. Show up early and dress warmly.

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