Clear The Decks

Every so often I like to clean house. Please take these.

1)Brad Register (who had a mustache years ago when it was just invented) has a new band The Tenant that is kinda tasty and this track bleeds early 1980’s White R&B renaissance.  Full review of the new 7″ soon.

MP3: The Tenant-The Stranger

2) I was gonna give you a couple of tracks from the new Eels album but I was provided them in M4A/ACC format which is a total pain in the ass so you’re not getting them. EDIT: here’s a new track that packs as much heartbreak as you’re used to from the fabulous Mr. E.

MP3: Eels-Little Bird

3) New Ruby Isle remix from Night Shot: The Remixes which comes out in 11 days.

MP3: So Damn High (Will Eastman Club Edit)

4) R.E.M. from Live At The Olympia just because.

MP3: R.E.M.-Driver 8 (Live)

5) Nana Grizol is likely the most positive band in Athens that isn’t also a church group. Good people, too.

MP3: Nana Grizol-Galaxies

6) Scott Sosebee as The King Of Rocksprings is going to meet inevitable comparisons to Maganetic Fields but I would guarantee that Sosebee is friendlier and just as funny.  He’s a hell of a swell guy and I couldn’t be happier for him that his record is out.

MP3: The King Of Rocksprings-How To Be A Stalker

7) I am now, and have always been, a total sucker for synth-y/orchestral pop sung with kind of sad male vocals. To wit, The Mary Onettes. The album came out a couple of months ago. From Sweden, too, which is always a plus.

MP3: The Mary Onettes-Puzzles

8) (<—isn’t that cute? That’s what happens when you’re too tired to change default settings that allow for emoticons. I’m leaving it for now. It’s supposed to be an “8”.)

Mashup of Dorrough and Fela Kuti from Wallpaper. It’s OK for a few minutes but coulda used more Fela. You can get a wider canvas to judge for giving up your email address and getting a free download of Wallpaper’s new mixtape. Not a bad deal at all and if you’re concerned about privacy but don’t know how to unsubscribe, manage a spam filter and otherwise deal with actually having an email address then it’s time for you to leave the Internet.

MP3: Wallpaper-Dorrough+Fela Kuti

That’s good enough for now.


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