You’re Boring Me

As much as I love and defend the Athens music scene I must admit I’m easily bored  by a chunk of it.  It’s disgusting how much attention is squandered on the half-wit, careerist bullshit so many local bands are pumping out.

Also, it’s really time for the old, chummy “hey, it might not be my thing but some of you might like it” and “this band really has something for everyone” type of  “writing” to be wiped from the Earth. Seriously? This one band has something for everyone? Did you write that in your sleep or just crib it from your copy of Everything I Need To Know About Music Criticism I Learned In Kindergarten?

The Internet may have leveled the playing field but that doesn’t mean everyone should try to join the team.

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5 Responses to You’re Boring Me

  1. Lucas Jensen says:

    I wonder which bands you’re talking about?!

  2. ryan lewis says:

    I bet I know

  3. Lucas Jensen says:

    Hopefully mine.

  4. JC says:

    I’m bored with much of it too right now. Though I finally started giving The Futurebirds a listen and am happy there’s something new(ish) I like here.

  5. Gordon Lamb says:

    That band had one song back over Christmastime that caught my ear briefly but I went back to their site to listen again and all they have is this boring, blah music on there now.

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