Athens Snowed Under

Ok, so it wasn’t even half as snowy this February as it was last March but it’s still really nice to see. We don’t get that much snow down here so, yeah, everyone waits for it like kids at Christmas. The world tends to shut down around it and those from colder climes make fun of us. I don’t care. I like that we don’t have to force ourselves to work on days like today.

To that end, all I want to do today is post videos. So that’s what I’m going to do.

One of my favorite songs of all time was covered by The Four Tops in 1968 and their full orchestral version always gives me chills. Here, someone separated the vocals to make an A Capella version.  Stunning:

I found this about a month ago. It’s Carole King’s demo for “The Porpoise Song” the sound of which was really best described by Jason Nesmith of Casper & The Cookies who said, “It sounds like an old radio signal that went up into space and then  recorded upon its return.” Really incredible.

It’s interesting to see the revival of interest in Northern Soul, at least on a tiny scale, here in Athens. It’s never really been huge here and the last time anyone really cared,  at least enough to host parties where it was played, was over a decade ago during the Lunch Paper/Mod/Skinhead scene.  I remember going to several Soul parties in Olympia, WA about 10-11 years ago, too.

Anyway, here’s a killer documentary (26 minutes) from Granada TV on the old Wigan Casino scene.


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