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It’s probably been years since I’ve written anything about Of Montreal on here.  The band’s popularity outside of Athens wasn’t ever surprising to me but since I’ve known everyone involved (past and present) for well over a decade it’s still a case where, when our paths cross in person, it’s just a case of me seeing old friends. I’m still slightly surprised when fans travel to Athens for a rare Of Montreal performance and speak of the band breathlessly. (It’s cool, though.  There’s definitely bands I love this much.)  I’ve got nothing but total respect for Of Montreal and I know for a solid fact they’ve worked like mad to get where they are.

Here are a couple of  trailers for the new Of Montreal documentary shot by Athens homeboy Spenser Simrill. The first one has already been posted every-single-where you could imagine but I really do want to pass it along just that much further.

If you’re in Chicago (doubtful) on March 5 then go see the premiere.

Simrill is doing a Q & A after the screening.

PS: Below is a video from Of Montreal’s James Husband (Jamey Huggins) off of his years-in-the-making album A Parallax I. To be honest, when I heard he had a solo album coming out I wasn’t blown away by the idea simply because so many “solo” records are just half-executed ego trips. This is the opposite of that. I found myself listening to it quite a bit in the months surrounding its release. Totally worthwhile and enjoyable.

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