Lil’ Update

It’s not like I haven’t been working, you know.

Things may have gone dark around here about 8 weeks ago but I’ve been plenty busy writing Threats & Promises for Flagpole (which I finally decided I’m going to start linking here), maintaining the Athens PopFest website (as well as its Facebook page, Twitter account and horribly clumsy and damn-I’m-about-to-delete-it MySpace account) and generally answering tons of email from bands who were really late on the uptake and are trying to get booked at the last minute. Even though we’ve been booking this thing for almost 7 months.

But, I digress…

I’ve listened to a ton of records during this time, started a YouTube page just to have a place to dump all the video I shot at SXSW , “reorganized” my books, read a ton of 1970’s rock criticism and watched a lot of documentaries. And a ton of old episodes (hell, they’re all old) of Lou Grant.

Mostly, I’ve been thinking.  But that’s cool, too, because I have a degree in thinking.

So, that’s that. Sure, I’m not saying much but writing it out made me feel better about not saying much.

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