Wednesday Week Never Happened At All

Generally speaking, things pile up while I’m looking straight at them.

I’ve been pretty busy sorting out things for the Athens PopFest this August but that’s not been so much of a burden that I can really blame it for anything. The heat in Athens, GA is already a’swelter and even after over two decades in The South I have a hard time taking it.

A review I’ve been trying to write for months on The Gary‘s full length Logan is still brewing. I couldn’t be happier,though, that they’re going to make the trek to Athens to play the PopFest as they’re undoubtedly in my top 10 bands happening right now in the US.

I’ve been listening to Cold Wave and Minimal Electronics, Vol 1 nearly everyday as well as the comp of Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell) tracks 24->24  Music that came out in 2007. The first Golden Palominos album, too.

And that’s that. The vids below are samples of all this stuff and that’s all I have to say for now.

(Note: this song by Absolute Body Control isn’t actually on that Cold Wave comp I mentioned but I really like this track so deal. The band’s song “Figures” does appear on the comp, however.)

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