Throw Something This Way

I’ve been singing the praises of Atlanta’s Neon Christ for what seems like (well, it is, actually) about 25 years. A whole bunch of footage was shot during what was supposed to be the band’s final show back in February 2008. No, they’ve not played since then but I didn’t think they’d play that one, either, so hope springs eternal, you know? Anyway, this footage is being worked into a full-length documentary primarily about Neon Christ but also Atlanta hardcore, then and now.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about my never-ending enthusiasm about this band please read this and this. And keep reading this post as well because the people behind this film titled All Alone Together: Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore have a Kickstarter campaign happening right now to raise funds for it. Watch the vid, decide for yourself. If you’ve got the bucks I encourage it heartily. (See how big and fat I made that link up there ^? That’s so you can’t miss it. Click on it. )

Oh, yeah, don’t bother trying to download any of those MP3s in the old posts I linked to. They’re long gone. here’s a couple of fresh ones:

MP3: Neon Christ-Parental Suppression (1984)
MP3: Neon Christ-Neon Christ (1984)

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1 Response to Throw Something This Way

  1. John Britt says:

    I’m considering donating just to be supportive, but I have to say that those pledge tiers are kinda screwy, IMHO. And I’m basing that on the other Kickstarter projects I have donated to, most of which were CD projects.

    $200 before you can get a DVD copy of the film? That needs to be down at the $25 or at least $50 tier. At the very least, the $25 tier should be a digital d/l of the new album and/or a digital d/l of the movie (or even a DVD-R copy, if that’s cheaper than the bandwidth for d/l’ing). It really doesn’t cost much more to offer those things at that tier, and that’s what’s going to make someone like me bump my $10 donation up to $25. Moreso than a limited edition t-shirt, for me at least.

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