Gimme An Hour

I had big plans this week (ok, small plans) to “recap” or “report” or whatever on SXSW but the truth is I did a lot of that already here, here, here and here and I don’t feel like going back over all that again in such short order.

So thank your lucky stars that the folks over at See of Sound have remastered and posted the 1980 (or possibly 1979) documentary Punk in England (reputedly originally titled Punk & It’s Aftershocks or, if you watch the actual film and see the credits, British Rock: Ready For The 80’s). I have no clue about the original or intended title and even after years of seeing tons of footage similar to what’s displayed here I’m always glad to find something I’ve not seen before.  If you had any clue as to the literally thousands of hours I spent pre-Internet trying to hunt down stuff like this you’d feel right sorry for me.  Actually, I feel sorry for me, too, after actually admitting that I spent thousands of hours hunting down stuff like this. Whatever. It’s got The Jam, Ian Dury, The Adverts, Madness, The Clash, Secret Affair, The Specials and more in it.


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