Got To Be Real

Look, I don’t care what you want to name your stupid song but there should come a time in the cycle of writing, recording, releasing and video-making where someone says, “Hey, wait, this title is way too iconic and automatically associated with someone else for us to use.” Think “Born In The USA”,”Back In The U.S.S.R”,”Blue Suede Shoes”, etc.

Well, apparently absolutely no one in The Rapture‘s camp could be bothered to think at all because here’s the troupe’s new jam improbably titled “How Deep is Your Love?”. And it’s not a cover of the Bee Gees‘  love theme from 1977’s Saturday Night Fever. Nope, it’s their own, new thing. I’ve listened to it a couple of times and it’s not all that bad as far as it goes but I can’t get past the title.

OK, yeah, maybe just maybe there’s some sort of really smart in-joke here whereby NYC’s The Rapture steals this title from one of the most popular songs from one of the most well-known “New York” movies of all time. Considering 99% of Saturday Night Fever takes place in Brooklyn (specifically Bay Ridge which is –admittedly– pretty far away from the Williamsburg/Bushwick/Bed-Stuy babysitter’s club) there’s the slight possibility that somebody somewhere thought this would be a very funny thing to do in a sort of “let’s see how many McCarren Pool partiers will pick up on this?”  Maybe this is all just too clever for a body to take in.

But, probably not.




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