Who It B?

Generally speaking, I’m not terribly fond of homage in album art. But this is OK, I think.  Marvin Gaye was originally born Gay but switched up the spelling for reasons that no one has ever been able to speak about with any final authority. So there’s that kind of pun at work but, further, Gaye’s artwork was centered around the classic painting “Sugar Shack”  by Ernie Barnes which continues to be best known for appearing in the opening credits of Good Times. Lil B‘s art takes the theme but infuses it with his own take on matters of slavery/escape.

Decent job, I think.

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2 Responses to Who It B?

  1. wyatt says:

    Love Lil’ B. Don’t forget this homage to the Marvin Gaye album cover –


    Camp Lo – Sonny Cheeba & Geechi Suede

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    Not close enough for me. Different lettering and color scheme.

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