Nothing For Nothing

So here’s the situation: for the past month I’ve been struck with the worst writer’s block I’ve had in a long time. There’s plenty to write about, and even a good amount of stuff I’m interested in writing about—a necessary, yet often ignored part of the process—but every time I’ve sat down to produce something I’ve managed to spit out 10 or 20 lines of garble and not much else. When working without a deadline I tend to over think what I’m doing. I mean, we’re talking about writing about music, right? What’s the big deal? Hell if I know. I’m starting to suspect it’s boredom. But from what? Boredom always seems to be reactionary albeit involuntary. That is, one is bored by something as opposed to lack of something. Then again, it could very well be the lack of something else in the something that is causing the original boredom.

See? Garble.

(yes, “garble” is a verb. Leave me alone.)

All I’ve listened to for the past 3 weeks is dance music. Pretty much. There’s been a few dub records and a few 1970s ambient records–doesn’t all music create an ambiance, though? We need a new language– but mostly dance and basically anything but tyrannical, guitar dominated rock music.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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