Record Reviews: Rarely. Items sent by individual bands ( as opposed to labels and publicists) get more attention than others. You’ll find ’em here but when you do be assured it’s something that has really gotten my attention (either good or bad) and not merely something which arrived randomly.

Band Interviews: Almost never. Why? Because band interviews are too often boring to read and too often boring to do. Sometimes. Maybe. Couldn’t hurt to ask. But, think before you do.

2 Responses to Policies

  1. Voodo Fe' says:

    About Voodo Fe, TJ of tunejar.com writes “…hear Marilyn Manson have a love child with Nas and Trent Reznor….then memorize the lyrics, roll onto the 405, and feel a little more bad ass.”

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    The above is exactly the type of thing that I’ll never consider.

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