It’s Fruitcake Weather!

Local Athens theatre company Rose of Athens is currently doing a production of Truman Capote‘s Holiday Memories with original music scored by local fellow Bart King. Encompassing two short stories by Capote, A Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory, the show was adapted for the stage by Russell Vandenbroucke.

Not a whole lot gets written about theater in Athens and this show really looks to be really good.

(from the press release) “Lisa Mende (multiple roles), Ben Reed (Buddy), Allen Rowell (Truman) and Lisa Cesnik Ferguson (Sook) will perform in Holiday Memories and Rose of Athens Theatre core member Joelle Re Arp Dunham will direct this holiday treat. New performers for Holiday Memories are Dusty Drake (multiple roles), Kathleen Hogan (multiple roles) and Bart King (musician).

One of the stated goals of Rose of Athens Theatre is to integrate Georgia music and musicians into all productions. Live music is featured in all Rose of Athens Theatre productions and it is one of the elements that define the style of Athens’ professional theatre.
Holiday Memories is no exception. Musician Bart King is a perfect fit for Holiday Memories and Rose of Athens Theatre is thrilled to have him aboard for the holidays.

Donations of children’s books are welcomed at each performance and will be donated to Athens’ Sparrow’s Nest Annual Christmas Toy Drive and the national organization “Toys for Tots”. This play is recommended for 5th grade and older, but all ages are welcome.”

Tickets are a mere $10 for students and $15 for everyone else and the show will run December 13, 14 and 15 at 7:30 PM and December 16 at 5:30 PM. (Anyone familiar with theatre at all will tell you that this is a bargain.) All performances happen at Quinn Hall at Memorial Park (293 Gran Ellen Drive). To get tickets place a call to the Rose Of Athens box office at 706-340-9181.

(Photo:Mike White)

As a special treat here’s Truman Capote himself reading A Thanksgiving Visitor.

MP3: Truman Capote-A Thanksgiving Visitor (Part 1)
MP3: Truman Capote-A Thanksgiving Visitor (Part 2)

(Note: the Truman files are big –approx 50 MB– so your download may be slow depending on your connection. However, this is almost a full hour of Capote reading and is totally worth it.)

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