What We Want And What We Need

It’s an all R.E.M. week here so if that’s not your thing jump off now. This next news is special for all you Athens-folk that happen by here (although I do flatter myself that you make this a destination and don’t simply stumble by…). Straight from the offices of R.E.M. comes this:
R.E.M. Tickets-Athens Only -Pre-sale for Atlanta Concert

On Thursday, April 3rd, R.E.M. Athenians will have the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public for the band’s June 21st performance at Lakewood Amphitheatre.

From 1-6pm at the Georgia Theatre on Clayton Street, R.E.M.’s hometown fans can purchase up to four (4) tickets for this summer’s concert in Atlanta prior to Saturday’s general on sale date. Most seats are a random sample from reserved sections around the venue; unfortunately it is impossible for them all to be in the front rows. Some lawn seats and General Admission pit seats will be available as well.

Please note that this is a first-come, first-served, cash-only sale, and there is no service charge:

Reserved and GA Pit seats: $81
Lawn: $41

Recently, I was incredibly happy to find clips of the TV show that first exposed me to R.E.M..
Way back, many years ago, cable television had just come to Miami, FL where I was living. Nickelodeon was in its infancy and featured mainly programming for very young kids but there were a couple of shows geared toward the 10-14 crowd. Namely, the teen-centered talk show named Livewire. (Eventually I would also discover Marshall Crenshaw from this show.) Keep in mind that at this time MTV was very brand new and outside of American Bandstand, David Letterman and Saturday Night Live seeing a live rock band on TV was very, very rare and special. Anyway, enjoy…


“So. Central Rain”-Livewire-1983

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7 Responses to What We Want And What We Need

  1. Karate Media says:

    Gordon — All I see is “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

    And it’s probably your fault!!

  2. Karate Media says:

    Nevermind — mow they’re working fine… Crazy!

  3. Karate Media says:

    “I’ve been listening to your music for a long time and I really like it…”

    Why do I have a hard time believing this kid?

    Also, it’s funny – I don’t think that the band would be able to talk about drinking beer on any kid- or teen-oriented program nowadays.

  4. Gordon Lamb says:

    Well, ya know, six months or a year is a long time to someone who is only 13 or 14. Also, he mentions Stipe’s indecipherable lyrics which means he has some level of familiarity with the band.

    But, yeah, whoo! The beer mention would be shit-canned today.

  5. Karate Media says:

    Yeah, but in 83, Chronic Town had been out for what, a year or so, and Murmur had just come out? I have a hard time envisioning that kid being so hip to new music that he ever saw a copy of Chronic Town before that day, much less listened to it.

    I have the distinct impression that most, if not all, of those kids were told what to say by the producer.

  6. darkness says:

    man, I remember watching Livewire, back in the days when Nickelodeon was only on for like 12 hours a day. Apparently the host is from LaGrange.

  7. Gordon Lamb says:

    Yeah, Fred Nueman was from LaGrange.

    KM, that could be the case but maybe he had a hip older sibling. Who knows?

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