Contest This

Along with, hopefully, several other sites is hosting a contest surrounding the new album by From Bubblegum To Sky. The new album is named A Soft Kill and it’s a really fine pop record which ostensibly showcases the bands love of ‘retro-pop’ but I’ve never understood why things need to be called ‘retro’ when they’re much better classified as simply ‘classic’. There’s nothing kitschy or smarmy about From Bubblegum To Sky. Check out the MP3s below.

But, yeah, this is a contest which means you must compete for the prize package (pictured above). What you need to do is answer the questions below and drop the answers in an email to 24Hourpartypooper[at]gmail[dot]com. Since we’re always so busy around here we’ll only be responding to the winner so if you send in a response and don’t hear back that means you lost. Be sure to send me your mailing address! You can lose even if you get the answers correct because we’re only taking the FIRST set of correct answers. Them’s the breaks.

So, on with it. I created these questions myself and tried to run a short pop gamut with them.

1) In the movie version of A Clockwork Orange what movie soundtrack is very clearly on display in the record store scene?

2) Olympia, WA’s K Records owes it’s success as much to this person as it does the more visible Calvin Johnson.

3) What do The New York Dolls and Bow Wow Wow have in common?

4) What do you call a skinhead who has grown his hair a bit?

5) Which band almost made Mike Damone work at 7-11?

6)What does Z-Man have and what does it do to him?

MP3: From Bubblegum To Sky-I Always Fall Apart
MP3: From Bubblegum To Sky-Guest Relations
MP3: From Bubblegum To Sky-Even The Sunbeams

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