It’s Friday! Day #4 of Athens PopFest Goodness

After three days I can feel myself getting exhausted. Not burnt out, mind you, but so tired I can barely move. Basically the schedule has been like this: work, see shows, stay up for hours getting the next days post together. Ted Leo was really great last night but I was most impressed with The Smittens and Patience Please. Had to miss Velcro Stars in order to go get batteries. Here’s the lineup for today. Sorry I couldn’t get MP3s for every act playing. Probably could have if I had another gallon of coffee in me and an extra set of eyes but I’m too tired right now to hunt everything down. Sorry.

Download and enjoy!

Little Kings (starts @ 1:30 PM)
Laminated Cat (MP3: The Driving Song )
Poison Control Center (Ames, Iowa) (MP3: Blood To Paint)
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t (Athens, GA) (MP3: Water Supply)
Marbles (Lexington, KY) (MP3: Dracula)

40 Watt Club (starts @ 7:30 PM)
Ideal Free Distribution
Ryan Anderson (Austin, TX) (MP3: Oh Virginia)
The American Revolution
The Postmarks (Miami, FL) (MP3: Goodbye)
Tullycraft (Seattle, WA) (MP3: Wild Bikini)
Casper & the Cookies (Athens, GA) (MP3: Barking In The Garden)
Circulatory System (Athens, GA)

If for some reason you want to do something else tonight please drop by Go Bar and catch The Low Lows along with 8-Track Gorilla. Also, I’ll be DJ-ing from Midnight to 2 AM so please come hear some records you won’t hear from any other DJ in Athens. Guaranteed.

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