My Blonde Space

After debating it in my head for a month or so I went ahead and added 24 Hour Party Pooper to MySpace. If things work out correctly with the guys I have helping me with coding and other what not then what will happen is every time there is a post here on the site it will cross post (in a truncated form) as a bulletin at MySpace. Here’s to that working out.

Blonde Redhead hits Athens tonight. I saw them once a long time ago and remember really disliking most of their fans who used to come in and buy their records when I worked at Wuxtry here in Athens. I never thought they’d last this long as a band. But, a few minor scrapes aside, they did. Director Mike Mills did a bunch of films inspired by the band newest album 23 which came out last spring on 4AD. You’d be gratified to check this stuff out. As for the album it’s really something else. Easily my favorite album (as of right now) from the band, it’s gorgeous and inspiring. If you’re in Athens, GA tonight get yourself to the 40 Watt and do not miss this.

MP3:Blonde Redhead-23
MP3:Blonde Redhead-Heroine

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