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It’s either a sad commentary on the state of the modern world or a wonderful commentary on the belief in a strong world economy but, in any case, the Christmas shopping season is here. That said, spending money is fun and can, indeed, be productive rather than merely consumptive. To this end I wanted to let you know about the project being undertaken by London, England’s Keith John Adams (ex-Zuno Men). His newest album, Unclever, will hit the streets, so to speak, in January of 2008 courtesy of Athens label HHBTM (whose owner I’m good pals with…there’s your disclosure). Although his website says the album is already out I can assure you, it’s not. In addition to featuring a couple of Cookies, the album was recorded right here in Athens at Jason NeSmith’s Bel-Air Studios.

I’ve only seen ‘ol KJA perform once but his masterful handling of the crowd which surrounded him as he played on the floor of the 40 Watt was enough to win me over. Then, of course, are the songs themselves which wind seamlessly, each one imbued with his infectious personality, between up-tempo-rockers, garage-y/indie/dance and whimsical love songs. I first got a copy of Unclever about a month ago and wound up listening to it seven times through before taking it off.

Here’s the part where you come in: Keith John Adams will record a song personally for the first 40 people that pre-order the album. For $25 you will receive a copy of the album, a special CD-R which includes all the songs written for pre-order customers, a digital file of your own personal song (which you receive as soon as it’s completed; even if it’s substantially before the albums release!) and a button.

(As some have dutifully noted (I’m talking to you, Indie-Pop-List) this is sight less expensive than when Momus was charging $1,000 per song in a similar (well, almost…) deal circa 1999. I’d add that not only is it cheaper it’s also bound to be more, well, personal. See, Keith John Adams is a pretty nice guy and Momus is like a sleazy, Adam Ant-styled pirate; charming enough, in his own stand-offish way, but the best deal I ever got from him was when I paid him ten bucks to write a song from me instantaneously while he was on stage at The Caledonia. And I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable letting Momus meet my mom whereas she’d probably let KJA move right in.)

Anyway, if you want to get in on this please see the Keith John Adams Pre-Order Page.
Hell, tell ’em I sent you!
Other KJA stuff:
A bunch of videos over at YouTube.
Keith John Adams at MySpace.
Interview and live session over at Daytrotter.
MP3: Keith John Adams-Never Look Down
(Track taken from the 2005 album Pip.)

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1 Response to Spend Money Here

  1. Tommy says:

    Oh man…I was kinda jealous you got a Momus jam that night. Granted, his Emerson song was so good I’m glad I didn’t get one at the expesne of either of you.

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