Lamb Jam: Reagan Years Edition

The glorious mind fuck of social networking is playing its tricks on me. This was never a problem with Friendster (remember that?) and it was only peripherally a nuisance on MySpace. But now that, seriously,everyone has joined Facebook I have been inundated with ‘friend requests’ from people I’ve not seen or spoken with in nearly two decades. And, dammit, sure, I befriend them virtually and then spend hours reading profiles, looking at photos, etc. (And it should be noted that they’re all generally decent people who have taken a very different path in life than I have.) Additionally, tonight I found a box of old notes from High School and this fact, added to the aforementioned slam dance down memory lane, brought back so many memories and anxieties I hadn’t thought of or felt in a long time.

Yeah, high school is dumb. It should never, ever be regarded as ‘the best years of your life’ and if they were the best years of your life, I feel bad for you. But, dammit, the time spent inside those walls as an adolescent are formative. And remembering them brings back a flurry of emotions that are often more bitter than sweet.

So, with that on my mind (and now, unfortunately on yours) here’s the first Lamb Jam in a long, long time. And it’s all filled with records that were important to me a long time ago. This is far from a comprehensive collection but enough to get a very small taste.

(Sorry. Songs are gone.)

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6 Responses to Lamb Jam: Reagan Years Edition

  1. The Miracle Legion. You are a blessed person, and probably about my age. Class of ’87? It is my understanding that The Backyard EP and Surprise Surprise Surprise were never released on CD. A shame. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    You’re close. Class of ’89. And, yeah, as far as I know they we’re never released on CD.

  3. Brian says:

    Miracle Legion. Love that band. Thanks, Gordon.

  4. You might have started something here. Dear lord, post some more Miracle Legion. Any and all that you have.

  5. Gordon Lamb says:

    I’ve got lots and I’ll be working some more onto here.

  6. Ellen says:

    Another big Miracle Legion fan here… I saw them several times way back when. Thanks.

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