Not Mine So Please Read

All I want to do today is lead you to the best piece of music writing from Athens this week.
UGA student Samantha Promisloff nails it with this piece.

Please go read: Music Festival Suffers From Mass Production (The Red & Black March 18, 2008)

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2 Responses to Not Mine So Please Read

  1. Tobias says:

    My computer is kind of funky, but it looks like you posted a picture of Dan Deacon in association with this post. Was that random or intentional? As opposed to many of his peers, Dan Deacon has, to my knowledge, never willingly found himself in the company of any corporate bedfellows. He’s got credibility to spare in that arena.

  2. Gordon Lamb says:

    Totally random. This picture was just meant to illustrate some sort of crushing frenzy.

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